Trevor Van Uden is more than just a pretty face. NCAA athlete went to school and graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine at a California school before moving to New York a year and a half ago to pursue a modeling career. Van Uden discusses what it was like to work with the famous…READ MORE
Source: Man Crush Monday: Trevor Van Uden –

tumblr_nsenewxmrx1sshchso1_1280tumblr_nhit6kubma1sshchso1_1280tumblr_nhit82jw1y1sshchso1_1280trevor-van-uden-tony-duran-4screen-shot-2016-02-28-at-5-18-29-pm-1200x7661tumblr_nivljvoyb61sshchso1_1280trevor-van-uden-male-seduction-burbujas-de-deseo-02trevorvanudenbrianjamie510TREVOR VAN UDEN

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